Pot Holes and Budget Styling

I've hit somewhat of a pot hole since purchasing my first car. I put my big-girl panties on, drew up a budget and vowed to stick to it. Don't get me wrong, I knew it was going to be a challenge and I would have little to no funds to be able to buy new clothes which I thought was a necessity to keep this website up and running. However, I feel somewhat liberated by the fact that I am no longer wasting money on items that could only been worn with one other piece, and only that piece.

I have had to learn to mix and match; pull clothes from the back of my racks that haven't seen the light of day since 2014 and tell myself that they are still my style even though I damn well know that I would never be caught in a frilly-lace off-the-shoulder dress with a bow on the chest to save my life. 

The jeans you see in this post, I've had them since 2013, before I had hips. They fit, but only just. I'm telling myself that they shrunk in the wash and am using them as motivation to loose some weight. It's not all bad. 

And this top is the product of a recent crash in will power. However, it's versatile and I can wear it everywhere. I'm slowly learning. 

Being on a budget isn't all bad. You learn to work with what you have and re-use the items you never thought you could look at again without wanting to cringe. Occasionally there will be items you give in to and purchase, but it's about making sure they're versatile and you will 100% wear them more than once and can wear them more than one way. 

Growing up is a challenge. And this is only the first year. 


Top: Bardot

Jeans: JayJays

Shoes: Novo

Choker: Bardot

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