Same Old

We all have that outfit we wore to death in our tween years. You know the one; the outfit that sparked your dreadful and extreme grunge/emo phase. We all have one. For me, it was all about the threadbare leggings and colourful knitted tops, beat-up, fluffy uggs and of course, bright-red hair. 

Not my brightest or favourite repeated outfit. With this outfit, I returned to my style 'roots', if you will. Every item now upgraded to new and improved pieces that have quickly become my wardrobe staples this winter. 

The original pieces that inspired this outfit are long gone, and hopefully have been set on fire, never to be seen in person again. Well, except the fluffy uggs. I couldn't part with those and gave them to my sister.

However, it seems the original items live on in my current wardrobe. 

The awfully thin knit tops have been exchanged for this extremely cozy and warm turtle-neck. The threadbare leggings swapped for these activewear compression pants, uggs traded for heels and a leather jacket added because I'm obsessed. 

These compression pants are uber comfy because they move when I move, which I've never had in a pair of leggings before. The waist band is higher up, above my waist, so the band doesn't roll or fold into my stomach when I sit or bend. This is super helpful as I don't have to adjust when I'm constantly moving around to take photos. Ten out of ten product, all the way.

Turtle-necks. I only ever wore them in kindergarten when my Mum still chose each days outfit, never liked them, never thought I would. That is until I found this grey knit last year and instantly fell in love. It's soft, It's warm, not too chunky so I can still wear a jacket with it. Comfort at it's finest. What more could you want?

This was a great step-up from the original outfit and so much more comfy. It was great going back to my roots, minus the red hair. Never again.

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