Lost is the Best Place to Be

If you have a creative mind like me, you probably find yourself bored and uninspired if you don't change your surroundings every once in a while. You get stuck in the cycle of working, going to school/Uni, then working some more and 'never having time' for fun and friends. 

For me, I'm about to enter into the hardest and most exciting year of my life, Year 12. In less than, ten months I will have completed high school and be moving onto the next unknown and daunting chapter of my life. The cycle really is never ending and it only gets harder to make time for new experiences the longer you avoid it. 

It had been four months since my last get away, and it's safe to say, my inspiration was long gone. At the cycles worst, I would be at school five days a week, then work 4-5 shifts on top of that. I rarely had a day off to have fun. I was craving a getaway and going to Melbourne with my family seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

I was only able to go for two days, however, sometimes the smallest trip can be the most successful. 


An early morning flight meant I caught the sunrise from above the clouds. 

Less than three minutes after take-off into the black sky, the sun had come up. 

It is unbelievably easy to get lost in a different city, even if you have traveled there countless times before. Though, sometimes lost is the best place to be. You stumble upon things you wouldn't have if you were where you wanted to be. 

Inspiration strikes in the smallest of details; be it the skyline of the CBD, shapes created by modern architecture, or the various colours and designs you see in a marketplace.  

adele wyatt